Club Social at The Cycling Gym – Thursday, September 24


Join us at The Cycling Gym for the Club Social!


The Cycling Gym will be hosting our club social on Thursday, September 24th at 8 pm.  All are welcome so bring your friends!  Cabbagetown Cycling members get in free.  $5 at the door for non-members.


388 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 100: west side of Carlaw, their door is at the north end of the building, just south of Gerrard.

What will happen at the social?

For those interested, Andrew Randell will be hosting a small session before the social to demonstrate the gym and it’s equipment.  Spaces are very limited and will be RSVP only.  Demo will start at 7.  Please email me or Andrew at to reserve a spot.  Bring your bike, kit, cycling shoes and water bottle, and they will set up your bike on a Wahoo Kickr: you will do a MAP test and then try a workout. A MAP test is a program you ride to determine your Maximum Aerobic Power: the trainer will increase power by 20 watts every minute, and you ride until you have to stop. The last power level you ride at for a full minute becomes your MAP number, and it, combined with your Max Heart Rate, are the basis of your training on the bike. There are only 10 bike spots available, but everyone is welcome to come and watch and check it out.

Light snacks (sandwiches, chips, sweets) as well as refreshments (beer, juice, soda, water) will be available.  Refreshment tickets will be available cash only.  $2ea. or 3 for 5.

We also have a lot of great raffle prizing for giveaways.  I will update the group when everything is itemized.

Limited club swag will be available.

Chris B will be spinning the hottest, most up to date underground beats.  Charles has been working on an interpretive dance for said music.

What is The Cycling Gym?

The Cycling Gym is a community for people to work out, learn, have fun, and train properly to meet their athletic goals, whatever the goals may be.The coaches at The Cycling Gym strongly believe that we need to do more than just ride our bikes to reach our top athletic performance and maintain our overall health. Therefore, they combine cycling training with strength training to make people better athletes. Andrew Randell and Steve Neal have years of racing and coaching experience and from all that, they choose to keep things simple:

  1. They assist people to train appropriately on the bike with the correct intensity to meet their athletic goals. The attention they give members is very similar to personal training. During each workout they check in and monitor everyone while they’re riding, and they do regular monthly testing to measure progress. This is a process, and what emerges is the best training recipe for each individual.

    “We do not have people come in and smash it for an hour, several days a week. Sure, you can get fit quickly that way, but after six weeks you’re fried. As well as being too generic, the go-hard training plans that everyone follows are not sustainable for getting through a season without experiencing burnout or injury, for your body to stay healthy or to enjoy cycling over several years.”

    – Andrew Randell

  2. An important part of their approach is to integrate strength training—ideally for an hour, two days per week—to improve your mobility, correct imbalances caused by sitting at a computer all day and riding bikes, stabilize your body and make it more powerful for cycling, any other sports, and your everyday life.

    “Throughout the years as a coach for cyclists, lacrosse and hockey players, I have seen so many people become much fitter and stronger than they ever thought they could be: they try strength training and like it, feel much healthier overall and they’re better in their sport with the results to prove it.”

    – Steve Neal

Is The Cycling Gym just for “elite” riders?

No! Not at all: it’s for anyone who wants to be a stronger rider.

Need more info?

• Check out The Cycling Gym’s website:

• Email Andrew Randell at